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The God Complex

Yes, it

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Ezra Furman: A Guide for the Perplexed: THE YEAR OF NO RETURNING


Hello, readers.

I’ve been a bit confused about the purpose of this blog since its inception. Mostly I’ve used it to post youtube videos of music that excites me. There has also been the occasional pontification. What I have not used it for is to upate people on my music career. I am making a…

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elmorsa's tumblr: Renuncia de Miguel Det a Suplemento Otorongo


Lima, 16 de Mayo del 2011

Señor Fritz Dubois Director de Perú 21

Me dirijo a Ud. para pedirle se abstenga de seguir incluyendo mi nombre en la lista de colaboradores del suplemento El Otorongo que forma parte de su asqueroso periódico, devenido pasquín fujimorista. Repugna ver como, en su…

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starfires:RIP Dr. Vera Juarez


RIP Dr. Vera Juarez

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E-book borrowers: we want to hear from you


For our next report studying the changing role of public libraries in the digital age, we’re supplementing our usual nationally representative phone surveys with non-scientific, non-representative online studies to draw out the deeper, richer stories behind the data. If you check out or download e-books from your local public library, please participate in the study and tell us about your experiences!

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Anacostia school is among those in pilot program stressing the arts


In its effort to transform ­the nation’s worst-performing schools, the Obama administration is launching an unusual experiment to pump up arts education in eight struggling schools, including one in the Washington D.C.

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Being silly, without pants of course :) #FootFetish #ThongThursday

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